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Imagine two guys who have been playing drums for almost 30 years, both of them active musicians on the Polish rock scene, making albums, doing concert tours with some the top acts in Poland, having scooped an award or two plus some nominations along the way. Years later, they create a website for drummers called Are you imagining that? Ok, now imagine that these guys decide they have not had enough. After all, they have spent all these years behind the drums together with bass players busy thinking how to make their drum parts go nicely together with bass arrangements. Sometimes, it would even happen that a bass player was considerate enough to try and fit his or her part to what the drummer was playing 😉 As the two guys mentioned above also run a drum school, which also offers rhythm section classes, they think about bass guitar and bass playing frequently enough to eventually decide to start a website devoted to bass. Leisure time is overrated after all… This website is all about bass players, instruments, amps, bass effects as well as playing techniques in all manner of styles from metal, rock, through to pop, funk, hip-hop, and jazz.

If you systematically hear voices in your head that tell you to keep wondering how a given bassist has produced his or her sound, what instrument they use, how they keep it in good condition, what kind of strings, amps, effects and mics they apply, how they prepare for a studio session or a tour, maybe even what their rehearsal space looks like – then you are exactly the same as us. And there are many, many more… You can feel free to cancel the next appointment with your shrink and start visiting us from now on. It won’t cost you anything. Take our love and passion for the bass, combine it with the obvious fact that there are thousands and thousands of those who share this passion and what you have is a great chance of creating a place where both young learners of the craft and their older and more advanced colleagues could broaden or exchange their knowledge of their favourite subject. Welcome to BeatIt – the place where absolutely everybody is obsessed with bass…


Maciej “Blindman” Głuchowski (born 1971)

Currently working with bands like Candida (alternative/grunge/metal), FunkMasterPunk (funk) and the popular hip hop artist – DonGURALesko. Former drummer with Dump (rock/trance), Sweet Noise (metal/core), Armia (legendary punk outfit) and Acid Drinkers (most popular and best-selling metal act in Poland.

Sound engineer, producer, owner of the CRS Studio and the Luta Records label, both based in Poznań, Poland.

Responsible chiefly for making good coffee for the BeatIt team. Every now and then, he does perform the duties of Film Editor, Senior Cameraman, Sound Editor or Archive Keeper. It was once his ambition is to be ‘Chairman’ so maybe one day… In his free time… What free time???



Iwona Ustasiak (born 1976)

Madam Chairperson and CFO at BEATIT. She also deals with bringing the other Team members low as they only think about the drums all the time.

As a former employee of a drum shop, she is THE drum gear expert at BEATIT. As such, she has greater knowledge of drum head types, sticks, accessories, etc. than the drummer members of the Team.

Marcin “Viking” Leitgeber (born 1972)

Drummer with Titus’ Tommy Gunn, an award-nominated solo project by Titus (singer, bass player with the legendary Acid Drinkers – most popular and best-selling act in Polish metal) and Heavyweight (alternative/grunge/metal).

Holds the position of ‘Editor-In-Chief’ on the BeatIt team and is reponsible for interviewing musicians. Has recently been appointed ‘Assistant to Senior Cameraman’. His ambition is one day to become ‘Junior Film Editor’.

As any Viking, in his free time, he is interested in plundering and burning villages, raping the wenches, taking the children in captivity, as well as wasting the men. Run to the hills, good people!

Łukasz Gronowski (born 1992)

Graduate of the Jerzy Kurczewski Choral School in Poznań, Poland. Studied at the M. Karłowicz 2nd Degree Music School in Poznań, Poland (the Jazz Faculty), student of the great Zbigniew Wrombel. The son of Artur Gronowski – a renowned bassist who has worked with some of the most popular acts in Poland (Peja, Gabriel Fleszar, Non Iron, C.E.T.I., Maciej Molenda, Krzysztof Antkowiak, Turbo, Sweet Noise).

Łukasz has performed with the likes of Adam Stachowiak, Bartek Wrona, Grzegorz Hyży, Filip Mettner, Gabriel Fleszar, Brainfreezer Soundsystem, Alphadog, Michał Sobierajski.

At BEATIT, he is responsible for the content of the website, i. e. the news room, articles on bass gear, and interviews bass players. He is also ’Junior Cameraman’. As part of his professional training, he is going to take courses in film editing, as well as coffee and sandwich making.

Janek (born around 2016)

Graduate of the Animal Shelter in Łowicz, Poland. He will go after any man dressed in industrial denim wear and rubber boots (apparently, a ghost of the past – not our doing) and no delicacy is going to help. Other than that, an all-round cool guy.

At BEATIT, he is Head of Security. He has no mobile or FB account, so must be contacted in person  (better not when wearing industrial denim and rubber boots) or through us.