> Pol’and’Rock Festival 2018 behind the scenes: Marcin Zimmer from the band Rust

At this year’s edition of the gigantic Pol’and’Rock Festival (formerly known as Przystanek Woodstock, an average of over half a million fans attending every year), we met up with the bass players of some of the bands which appeared at the event. One of those musicians is Marcin Zimmer – the bass player with two bands: Haarpagans, and the Polish retro rockers Rust. This young, talented and knowledgeable (also as far as vintage gear is concerned) graduate of the Jazz Faculty of I. J. Paderewski Music Academy in Poznań, Poland, told us in a few short words about the gear he used at Pol’and’Rock Festival. Below, you will find a short digest of what he told us.

Marcin Zimmer: “Myself and drummer Jakub Martuzalski are playing fuckin’ Rust’n’Roll!”

bassguitar.beatit.tv: Can you tell us what you’re gonna use for tonight?

Marcin Zimmer: ”My good man! It’s gonna be two Marshall cabinets – a 4×12 and a 2×15, a 1969 Ampeg B25 and a 100W Fender Bassman head, which create quite a stir when combined together!”

bassguitar.beatit.tv: “What type of perfiferies are you gonna use? Any stomp boxes?”

Marcin Zimmer: “Sure thing, man! My pedal board is very beautiful, I think it’s one of the most beautiful pedal boards in this country. This is topped by two Fender Precision basses and a Lakland.”

All the gear is really worth checking out, including the pedal board, which is the most beautiful in Poland according to Marcin. We think it certainly does not look like a typical bass player’s pedal board. We would say it is even closer to a guitarist’s pedal board. See for yourselves!