> New bass head: Markbass Little Mark Vintage

Markbass – the Italian bass gear master builders – premiered a number of products at this year’s NAMM Show, including the newest bass head in their catalog, which is the Markbass Little Mark Vintage.

New: Markbass Little Mark Vintage bass amp

The Markbass Little Mark Vintage is part of the high-end Gold Series inside the DV Mark catalog, and has been designed to offer something interesting to bass players searching for both modern and old school sounds.

The amplifier’s features include:

  • Gold plated circuits
  • Tube preamp
  • Limiter control featuring a modern reaction when set all the way up, a vintage quality when set on zero, and a distorted effect when set low
  • Four band EQ with a new setting at frequencies center
  • Balanced DI OUT with a transformer upgrading the DI performance with the help of a real DI box inside the head, which aims at handling extreme transients without distortion
  • Three way switch featuring three EQ preset options to quickly get to: FLAT (self-explanatory), CUT (scooped mids, enhanced low and high), OLD (scooped high frequencies to get a vintage tone)
  • Footswitchable MUTE

Quite recently, Markbass also introduced a bass head bearing the legendary Stu Hamm‘s signature – the MB S.T.U Amp 1000.

Markbass Stu Hamm Signature bass head

This is what the man himself has to say about it:

Markbass has finally given me the sound that I have been looking for! The S.T.U. Amp 1000 has beautiful solid state and tube sounds that can also be blended together to create the sound that I need, according to the musical situation. And the cabinet is a ground breaking (and lightweight) 2×15 cabinet, that had more clarity and punch than any 4×10 or 8×10 I’ve played.”

Certainly, also worth checking out!