> Musicpark Leipzig 2019: Dimavery

Between the 1st and the 3rd of November 2019, the first edition of the Musicpark exhibition was held in the Leipzig fairgrounds.

One of the exhibitors at the event was Dimavery, whose representative is about to tell you a thing or two about the bass guitars made by the German guitar and bass producer…

Hi! My name is Reiner and I’m from Dimavery. I would like to show you our bass guitars. We have a couple here. Not the whole range but a selection. Generally, we make beginner instruments and we try to give a variety of different basses.

What we have here are vintage-style P-Basses with ashtray covers. A little bit 50s-inspired old school. Except for this one, in the Sea Foam Green finish.

Over here, we have the MM series – all three of them. There’s the 5-string, fretless and a 4-string. In general, we offer J-Bass, P-Bass and modern style bass guitar configurations.

As for electronics, our basses are all passive. Those are the ones we have at the show here and that’s in general what we do.”