> Musicpark Leipzig 2019: Cort

Between the 1st and the 3rd of November 2019, the first edition of the Musicpark exhibition was held in the Leipzig fairgrounds.

One of the exhibitors at the event was Cort, whose representative is about to tell you a thing or two about the bass guitars made by the German guitar and bass producer…

Hey, folks! How are you doing!

This is the Cort Artisan bass. It’s a single-cutaway bass – a concept designed two years ago. Fanned frets – a multi-scale bass, so you have a longer scale length on the thicker strings and shorter scale length on the thinner strings. It’s a neck-thru design, so it’s a one-piece neck with two wings on the sides. It’s equipped with excellent hardware, Hipshot tuners and a preamp from Bartolini. It’s under 1000 euros including a hard case. It’s very good value for the money.

This one is the GB74 Gig series. The idea behind this base is to have a hybrid design between a modern humbucker bass, a classic P-Bass and a J-Bass. For those looking for an affordable gig bass that can handle a wide variety of different sounds. Active electronics, 2-band EQ (treble and bass), a BLEND control, a 3-position toggle switch to go from the humbucker, humbucker parallel and single coil. You can do a lot of combinations between the pickups and have a wide variety of different sounds. Then, you have the classic shape for the typical J-Bass. Alder body, maple neck, so very traditional when it comes down to the wood types used.”