The latest offering from England’s very own Laney company should interest everyone who would like to warm up before a concert in the backstage area or in a hotel room, and does not want to put any headphones on or fiddle with a million cables, connecting the guitar, eg. to a PC, etc. In such case, the Laney MINI-BASS -NX is certainly an interesting option.

The letters NX refer to the NEXUS series, and this sound system is the last to join the MINI-LANEY family (see HERE).

The Laney MINI-BASS-NX is powered by six AA batteries or an optional power supply. A very nice addition is the LSI socket (Laney Smartphone Insert). What is it all about? Via this socket, the amp can be connected with a tablet or a smartphone and the user can take advantage of guitar effect applications available for IOS or Android. We described this procedure in detail in our test of a 60W combo from Ashdown Engeneering).



The Laney MINI-BASS-NX combo bass amplifier weighs only 1.75 kg. Inside the box, you will find two 3″ speakers with a total power of 6W RMS (i. e. 2 x 3W). The control panel has the following dials: Gain, Level, Tone, Tilt, Volume. In addition, we have the SHAPE button.

As far as mother sockets are concerned, we get: INPUT input, AUX input, LSI and headphone output. The cable for connecting your phone or tablet is included in the set.  

We must admit that the Laney MINI-BASS-NX combo is a very interesting offering. To all of those who are interested with this amp: you will be pleased to learn that this piece of equipment costs a little over 60 €.

Thanks to this device, outdoor exercise takes on new meaning.