> Ibanez News Meeting 2019

An event called Tama Meinl News Meeting (formerly Tama Meinl Dealer Meeting) was held on Jan 15, 2019, in Łódź, Poland. Its objective was to present all the new products from the Meinl Distribution company for this year. One of the brands looked after by the company in Europe is Ibanez. Naturally, new products for this year presented at the meeting included bass guitars.

Ibanez basses: new for 2019

Ibanez‘s flagship bass model is the SR, which is probably the biggest competitor for Fendera Jazz Bass. It is no wonder the company is expanding that product range with the following instruments:

  • Ibanez SR Mezzo – 32-inch scale for easier playing (instrument featured in our video report)
  • Ibanez SR2400 – rare building materials (Panga Panga, Purpleheart), Aguilar pickups, EQ Bypass, adjustable string spacing (instrument featured in our video report)
  • Ibanez SR2405W – 5-string version of the 2400 model (instrument featured in our video report)
  • Ibanez SR650E – Nordstrand pickups and EQ Bypass
  • Ibanez SR655E – 5-string version of the 650E model
  • Ibanez SR500E – upgraded with Bartolini BH2 pickups, EQ Bypass (instrument featured in our video report)
  • Ibanez SR505E – 5-string version of the 500E model (instrument featured in our video report)
  • Ibanez SR505EL – lefty version of the 505E model
  • Ibanez SR506E – 6-string version of the 500E model
  • Ibanez SR305E – rare building materials (Nyatog, Jatoba), PowerSpan Dual Coil pickups

These are not all the new offerings from Ibanez to be introduced this year. The others include:

  • 5-string Adam Nitti signature bass guitar (instrument featured in our video report)
  • Ibanez Artcore series: AFB200, AGB260, AGB200 models
  • Reintroduction of the Affirma series (instrument featured in our video report)
  • New finishes for the SR300 series

The Ibanez 2019 product catalogue can be found HERE.

Follow bassguitar.beatit.tv to find more detailed descriptions and video tests of these new products in the coming months. Also, stop by at drum stores to check these instruments out in person. They’re worth your while!

For your viewing pleasure: Tama Meinl News Meeting!