> Geddy Lee releases photo album: “Big beautiful book of bass”

One of the most recognizable bassists in the world, Geddy Lee, who, together with Richard Sibbald (celebrity photographer) responsible for the photos in this book, will take us on a journey to see the collection of 250 rare and historical basses belonging to the co-founder of the epic rock band Rush. As Lee himself says, those are instruments which have influenced the evolution of the bass guitar.

Geddy Lee "Big beatiful book of bass"

Photo credit: https://www.cygnus-x1.net

It took Geddy seven years to prepare himself and gather information to wrote this book. He also spent his whole lifetime collecting bass guitars. In Big beautiful book of bass we will get specific and detailed information about his rare collection of basses including guitar setup on every instrument that he had with him in the R40 tour with Rush, and the guitar setup use when he was working on records in studios. The collection commands basses from the period between the 50s and the 80s.

Such notables as Led Zeppelins John Paul Jones, Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones, Robert Trujillo of MetallicaU2‘s Adam Clayton, Bob Daisley, Les Claypool of Primus and Wilcos Jeff Tweedy have something to say in this book. Alex Lifeson (sadly, sick of arthritis) wrote one of the book’s forewords; there’s also commentaries by other musicians.

The book will be put out on Dec 4, 2018, by Harper Collins Publishing and will include 400 pages with brilliant photo illustrations by above-mentioned Richard Sibbald.   

For Rush fans we have got the information that the band has released Funko Pop Rush figures. The figure of Geddy is dressed in a dragon-adorned kimono and drummer Neil Peart’s wears a sporting a mustache.