> Geddy Lee announces bass exhibition and press tour

As we informed last year, bassist, vocalist and keyboard player Geddy Lee has released a book on rare and historical bass guitars from his personal collection, titled Big Beautiful Book of Bass.

Photo credit: https://www.cygnus-x1.net

Recently, the co-founder of the epic rock band Rush has announced a special exhibition of instruments owned by him at Studio Bell at The National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta. The event will run until January next year and will be curated by Lee himself. Here is what he has to say about the exhibit:

The instruments featured at Studio Bell are a combination of rare vintage basses from the Golden Age of guitar production as well as significant ones that I’ve used throughout my career. Basses that I’ve scoured the world to get my hands on. This exhibition gives people a look into the origins and the earliest years of the instrument that help shape popular music as well as the ones that I’ve lovingly held in my hands for over 40 years as I developed a sound that I could call my own. It’s the largest display of basses from my personal collection ever and I’m excited to share this with my fans in Canada.

The exhibition will feature such iconic bass guitars as a Rickenbacker 4001, the 1972 Fender Jazz he used to record “Tom Sawyer,” a 1952 Fender Precision, a 1961 Hofner Cavern bass, and many more.

The event coincides with a press tour of Canada in support of the Big Beautiful Book of Bass release, which is to commence on May 22 and reach ten cities.