> Flea Jazz Bass Active from Fender

Fender are releasing a new instrument called Flea Jazz Bass Active. It bears the signature of Red Hot Chili Peppers four-stringer, and was built in co-operation with Fender Custom Shop master builder, Jason Smith. It is the second collaboration between the renowned manufacturer and the popular bassist.

New Flea signature bass

photo: fender.com

Justin Norvell, EVP, Fender Products says: “We wanted our second artist signature bass with Flea to complement the Shell Pink Flea Jazz Bass – a reproduction of his beloved studio bass we recreated with him in 2016. This new active model is a complete 180 from the super vintage-style of the first; it’s what Flea plays live on stage and was built to cut through with punch.”

The active, American-made bass guitar features an offset body (characteristic of the Jazz Bass), which is made of alder and offered in two finishes:Satin Inca Silver and Satin Shell Pink. It also has a satin polyurethane neck finish with a matching headstock.

Other features include a 22-fret “C”-shaped maple neck, a 12°-16° radius maple fingerboard, and a single, high-output humbucker with an Aguilar OBP-1 18-volt preamp.

New Flea signature Jazz Bass

photo: fender.com

This is what Flea himself has to say about the instrument:

This bass helps me hear every note crystal clear, it’s great in the studio, and it’s a really warm sound with a lot of love in it. This bass has a lot of character. It’s a workhorse, you know, you can beat it up, and it still rocks.”

The Flea Jazz Bass Active is available for $1,699. For more information, go to to Fender.com.