> MXR Carbon Analog Delay 10th Anniversary Edition

Within 10 years of its premiere in 2008, MXR Carbon Analog Delay has become one of the go-to pedal boards for many bass players and guitarists around the world. Its warmth, elegant simplicity and healthy delay reserve have made it one of the effects worth having in your bass arsenal. Although the most frequently mentioned guitarists using this effect include such greats as Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, U2’s the Edge or one of the absolute jazz masters Al Di Meola, this not something we will blindly stick to since the effect pedal is great when abused with low frequencies.

Copy Carbon Analog Delay celebrates its 10th anniversary. In connection with that, the company has set about the special edition of this cube. A light aluminum casing with a metallic silver finish is the external appearance of the effect released on this special occasion. On the inside, you will find everything that we all love about this effect. By default, we have Regen, Mix and Delay knobs. Thanks to the Mix control, we can set the Dry-Wet signal ratio. The Mod switch, prepared based on the “bucket brigade” technique, provides a sound ranging from a short, 1950s vintage echo, through to more traditional effects and long-lasting “swells”.

Carbon Copy Analog Delay takes you from a clean bathroom echo to epic, extensive sound landscapes with minimum adjustment required. In addition, it is a visually interesting pedal board.

More Information: jimdunlop.com